Appreciating My ReligionAppreciating My Religion

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Appreciating My Religion

I was raised to be religious by my parents, but by the time I got to college I had lost my way. I started partying with the wrong crowd, skipping church, and experimenting with drugs. Unfortunately, my bad behavior caught up with me, and I was left wondering what to do with my life. Fortunately, my religious leaders were always there for me and helped to bring me back to the fold. This blog is all about using religion and spirituality to improve your life and learning to appreciate your religion. Check out this website to learn to live your fullest life.



Are You Building Your Spirituality?

Has something happened in your life recently that led you to seek greater spirituality? Perhaps you have lost a loved one, or maybe you have recently gone through the trial of a divorce. Or, it might be that you find the world to be so much of a challenge that you want a spiritual foundation that will help you deal with everyday occurrences. Whatever the reason that you are building your spirituality, from buying books for spiritual self-help to making time to give service, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More